The Dawn of a New Day

Networking revs up

Three different paths toward the CCNA finish line!


Which driver do you relate to?

Racer 1

Taking IT Essentials

Racer 2

Taking Networking Essentials

Racer 3

Taking Cybersecurity Essentials


Which driver do you want to cheer for?



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Truth be known, I’m a complete IT novice, but I aspire to become a SysAdmin. So, gaining steadiness at the wheel is important. In fact, I believe this is my shot.

Took IT Essentials to prove something to myself. I can now configure an actual computer installing the OS and the software.

This course is giving me more confidence. Didn’t even sweat it when I disassembled a PC because I knew I could build it again.

Turning sharp toward my CompTIA A+ certification. Next, I’m going for my CCNA.

I could end it here and become an IT tech, but my aspiration is higher—the cloud.

I grew up with little interest in computers. Then saw a Networking Academy ad at college saying, ‘Geniuses Wanted.’ That did it for me.

In Networking Essentials, I’m working with Cisco® Packet Tracer and configured my first network. It showed me the power of my two hands. Next is CCNA.

It would be cool to use some networking knowledge right now. Go from static and safe to dynamic and make a move off the bank.

I’m learning more about network topologies. Amazing what a few routers, switches and well-placed endpoints can do.

Coming from behind, drafting is my only answer. I must persevere because I can see myself as a Network Engineer.

My mom and I loved watching detective shows. I wanted to be the one in the backroom solving the crime with a big computer screen in front of me.

Need to find more confidence or these guys are going to outpace me. If I’m going to fight scary cybercriminals, I simply can’t be intimidated by my fellow racers. Come on, Leah, let’s go!

The McCumber Cube, I learned, brings balance to cybersecurity goals, information states and safeguards. Look out, boys, I’m finding my fast groove.

It’s all about protecting the data: at rest, in use, and hot transit. What do you know that’s what I’m doing--driving, reacting and protecting myself from racers in hot pursuit?

No matter who wins, I’m leaving my digital signature in their dust. Because I found my career path.


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